Labour | Department Staff

It is the department where we perform all the labor routines, from admission to the shutdown of an employee in the company’s workforce.

It is also where are made all payroll executions of each employee and many other tasks that are performed during the course of labor requirements, as set out in the CLT - Consolidation of Labor Laws - and collective agreement specified according to the company's activity, where most of the labor laws that are required and implemented in our country.

Given the requirements of the Labor Code and Collective Agreement, we do:
  • Records of admissions and dismissals;
  • Payroll and pro-labors;
  • Payment Control and autonomous;
  • Social charges on the sheet: INSS, FGTS, INSS, FGTS, I.R. Source and Union Contribution;
  • Calculation of holiday control and 13th salary;
  • Calculation of labor termination;
  • Supervisor in labor approvals;
  • Earnings reports;
  • Statements: GFIP, CAGED, RAIS and DIRF;
  • Permanent support by phone and email.
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