Fiscal | Fiscal Department

We offer our customers a trained technical team to correctly perform all the functions of the tax department, by compiling custom controls, constant contact with the client and specific procedures to minimize failures. Our team informs our clients how to handle with the tax documents, main and accessory obligations, and also offers personalized tax advice.

According to client need our work comes down to:
  • Direct and Indirect Taxes, issuing pickup tabs: DAS, ISS, ICMS, PIS, COFINS;
  • Income tax and social contribution;
  • Bookkeeping for companies taxed by taxable income, presumed or SIMPLE;
  • FCont;
  • SPED Fiscal: EFD ICMS / IPI and EFD - Contributions;
  • ECD - Digital Bookkeeping;
  • Magnetic file Ordinance CAT 32/96;
  • Tax Books;
  • RDARF`S;
  • Monitoring and regulation of tax situation.
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